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  • Aman Pandey Bhagavad-gita As It Is (by HDG AC Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada) TEXT 31 ye me matam idaṁ nityam anutiṣṭhanti mānavāḥ śraddhāvanto 'nasūyanto mucyante te 'pi karmabhiḥ SYNONYMS ye—those; me—My; matam—injunctions; idam—this; nityam—eternal function; anutiṣṭhanti—execute regularly; mānavāḥ—humankind; śraddhāvantaḥ—with faith and devotion; anasūyantaḥ—without envy; mucyante—become free; te—all of them; api—even; karmabhiḥ—from the bondage of the law of fruitive action. TRANSLATION One who executes his duties according to My injunctions and who follows this teaching faithfully, without envy, becomes free from the bondage of fruitive actions. PURPORT The injunction of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Kṛṣṇa, is the essence of all Vedic wisdom, and therefore is eternally true without exception. As the Vedas are eternal, so this truth of Kṛṣṇa consciousness is also eternal. One should have firm faith in this injunction, without envying the Lord. There are many philosophers who write comments on the Bhagavad-gītā but have no faith in Kṛṣṇa. They will never be liberated from the bondage of fruitive action. But an ordinary man with firm faith in the eternal injunctions of the Lord, even though unable to execute such orders, becomes liberated from the bondage of the law of karma. In the beginning of Kṛṣṇa consciousness, one may not fully discharge the injunctions of the Lord, but because one is not resentful of this principle and works sincerely without consideration of defeat and hopelessness, he will surely be promoted to the stage of pure Kṛṣṇa consciousness.
    Apr 9

  • Hrishikesh Nath Letter to: Brahmananda — Seattle 6 October, 1968 68-10-06 Unless our Brahmacaris are very adamant remaining as Brahmacari, I shall recommend everyone to marry. Because these girls generally come to our society to find out a suitable husband, so there is no harm to live as husband and wife.
    Wed at 9:04 AM

  • Reena Menon Prabhupada said, “You don’t have to stop anything; just add Krishna to your life. Whatever you cook, offer it to Krishna, and then take prasada. And chant Krishna’s names.” [In 1971, Bhagavati and her husband, Vasudeva Prabhu, saw Western devotees in Sydney. Vasudeva thought, “Who changed these Western people? I want to meet that person.” He asked the devotees, “Who is your guru?” and heard, “Srila Prabhupada.” Then, on July 3, 1974, when Prabhupada was en route from Melbourne to Hawaii and had a three-hour stopover at Fiji’s Nadi airport, Bhagavati and Vasudeva met him.] Bhagavati: In the airport lounge we offered Prabhupada a garland and some prasada–sweet puris and tomato chutney. Prabhupada asked Vasudeva, “Is there a Radha-Krishna temple in Fiji?” Vasudeva said, “No, there’s no Radha-Krishna temple here.” So Prabhupada said, “You make a nice Radha Krishna temple.” And he told Vasudeva, “From now chant sixteen rounds.” Vasudeva has chanted sixteen rounds a day since that meeting. When Prabhupada was leaving, Vasudeva said, “Come to Fiji.” Prabhupada said, “Next year, when I go from Australia to Hawaii, I’ll stop in Fiji,” and he came in May 1975. We advertised a program with him to be held in Natabua Hall, Lautoka, and two or three thousand people attended. There was a kirtana, and then Prabhupada explained that Krishna is the Supreme Personality of Godhead and the importance of chanting Hare Krishna. My family had been worshiping Shiva and Durga along with Radha and Krishna, but after meeting Prabhupada we understood that as watering the root of a tree nourishes the whole tree, so worshiping Krishna includes worship of the demigods, so we stopped our demigod worship. Vasudeva and I had hosted many Indian sadhus, but only Prabhupada taught us how to engage in Krishna’s service daily by chanting and reading Bhagavatam and the Bhagavad-gita. Only Prabhupada said, “You don’t have to stop anything; just add Krishna to your life. Whatever you cook, offer it to Krishna, and then take prasada. And chant Krishna’s names.” In 1976 Prabhupada came again for the foundation-laying ceremony of the Krishna-Kaliya Temple. At that time Prabhupada said, “Fiji is a beautiful place, and now that the temple is here I’ll come again and again.” The day before the ceremony, Vasudeva said, “Prabhupada, I want to take initiation.” Prabhupada said, “Shave your head and get ready.” I told Prabhupada that I also wanted to be initiated, and Prabhupada agreed. So Vasudeva Prabhu, his older brother Bhuvan Mohan, and I were initiated on the same day as the ceremony to establish the temple. The next morning, Prabhupada gave me and Vasudeva second initiation and taught us how to chant Gayatri. My sister Nandarani and my mother were cooking for Prabhupada. He told them to cook whatever they liked, but daily make two things: stuffed karela and stuffed bhindi.” When I brought him a little pot of rice, he said, “Is it hot?” He opened it and steam came out. He then said, “Okay, close it.” He liked hot rice. Prabhupada was a great personality, but he was humble and simple. That attracted me. I wasn’t qualified, but by Prabhupada’s mercy he accepted me as his disciple. Just as Vasudeva and I were attracted to Prabhupada, so Prabhupada’s books and lectures attract people coming today. And everything he established–Deity worship, kirtana, tulasi-puja, temple service–is also attractive. Just seeing devotees engage in Krishna’s service is attractive. —Bhagavati . . Excerpt from “A Bond of Love, Srila Prabhupada and his daughters”
    Sat at 3:43 AM

  • Sarnaduti Brahma Hare Krishna! This is a response to KP P’s post below at - it seems I cannot comment on that post directly: Ayurveda is a branch of the Vedas that deals with various methods to increase the duration of life, just like other branches of the Vedas, which deal with different subject matters, e.g. military science, etc. Hence, it is true that it does not deal with spiritual or transcendental matters directly, as it concerns mostly with increasing your bodily duration of life (ayuh). Veda is the sum total of all knowledge, and it contains different department of knowledge to gradually elevate different kinds of men to the spiritual position. Hence, the Vedas also have recommendations for meat-eaters to be gradually elevated to the transcendental, spiritual position. In light of this, it is better to post verses from Srimad Bhagavad-Gita or Bhagavata Purana, which are the cream of all knowledge, as they spoken directly by (or speaks about) the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Krishna, who is full of all knowledge,andwhich are translated by a pure devotee of Krishna like Srila Prabhupada, than to post an article like this, written by less knowledgeable people, which do not provide the true picture of the importance or purpose of the Vedas. The best way to serve parents or others in need in society is to become a devotee of Krishna, and provide the knowledge of Krishna consciousness to everyone, which is the real need of others in society. There was no meat-eating before Kali Yuga, whether in India or anywhere else in the world. These principles of meat-eating, illicit sex, gambling and intoxication were introduced in the human society at large only after Kali Yuga. As mentioned before, however, there is mention of non-vegetarian diet in the Vedas, under some restrictions, for men in the lowest mode of material nature: that is ignorance (tamas), in order to gradually elevate them to the transcendental position. Of course, later on, people were misusing the sacrifices of the Vedas as an excuse to eat animals wantonly. Then, Lord Buddha appeared and instructed people to stop eating animals and reject the Vedas, knowing well that they were misusing the verses. In order to do spiritual practices, one does not have to be physically strong, as wrongly mentioned by Swami Vivekananda. Physical strength, or playing sports, has nothing to do with spiritual practices. Spiritual practices depend upon spiritual strength, not physical strength. Spiritual strength is provided by Lord Balarama. Hence, football cannot make us closer to God than Bhagavad Gita, and it is indeed a wrong and very misleading suggestion by Swami Vivekananda. It is true that when vegetables and plants are plucked from the farms and gardens, they also feel pain. However, Lord Krishna instructs that if we offer them with love and devotion to him, He will accept it and we will be freed from all sinful reactions by accepting the remnants, or Prasada. Hence, it is useless to be a vegetarian. One has to accept only Krishna Prasadam. Otherwise, even vegetarian food we lead to sinful reactions, and will not lead us to ultimate liberation from the material existence. Haribol!
    Mar 25

  • Kamalnath Kamalnayan Hare Krishna to all. How do i get my life on track. I have been so bogged down and in a rut because of people's negativity. This world seems full of suffering.But i have the desire to chant 16 rounds, follow the four regulative principles, read srila prabhupada's books. But i have been discouraged a lot by what i happened and still happening. And plus some other so-called devotees or aspiring devotees that i have met have ridiculed me and said that i am too crazy and lazy to follow it. In reality i was doing the best i can to follow the philosophy. But after the devotees saying that Krishna Consciousness is not for lazy and crazy people i felt hurt. Since then i have been so discouraged to pursue the philosophy. i try to hoping that no matter how the person is the the general advice is good. But i have never been the same before. i wish i could be encouraged by some devotee who i know i can trust to do these things. Because after this i am very overwhlemedand in great difficulty to do these things. Because the devotees convincing me to do these things are the one who said Krishna Consciousness is not for people like me. I mean i was pursuing the philosophy and attempting it to my fullest extent when i saw myself being ridiculed.
    Feb 23

  • Madhudvisa dasa Sorry, I deleted that person who was suggesting a new regulative principle by mistake...
    Feb 26

  • Roger Rodpush Roger Rodpush - February 27 at 3:27 AM March 1 at 12:18 AM· This Is a Wonderful Event for BharataVarsha. Hare Krishna But I Hope it was Srila Prabhupada's Original 1972 and Not The GBC Altered and Changed 1980's version ?? Bipin Bihari Das shared apostto the group:ISKCON Mayapur. February 27 at 3:27 AM
    Mar 5

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