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    September 25, 2017

  • Madhudvisa dasa Sorry, I deleted that person who was suggesting a new regulative principle by mistake...
    Feb 26

  • Ramanuja Das Hare Krishna everyone. PAMHO AGTSP I am going to share a story of my son'starts life on here and hopefully I can get the support I need for my beautiful son Naitai (Nicholas) My son has autism and down syndrome it has been struggling with communication all his life. This year 2016 in June, he could score the funeral was very sick and almost died. Ever since that day he has been struggling with multiple signatures and infections and has been on antibiotics at least 10 times. Since December 1st, my son has been showing signs of irritability,agitation and seisure like symptoms. He started to attack us,his parents and breaking things in the home. I had to restrain my son on 4 or five occasions to protect himself and ourselves from his thrashing and aggressive behavior. He is on medication now for 3 days and he is much calmer but needs to be tweaked. His hormones are through the roof and he can'take verbally communicate it to us. It has been very difficult and emotional draining watching our child go through this. I need to take time off work so I can be home to protect my family incase Naitai goes into a rage. As I am the only income earner, I will not be able to afford time off work. So I am humbling asking everyone to have a look at a gofundme site I have created and make a donation so I can stay home,not worry about the bills and focus on Naitai getting healthy again please. The site is, Please have a heart and support us during this difficult time. Naitai is on medication but it is still going to take some time to get this figured out. Thanks you Hare Krishna Ramanujadas
    January 6, 2017

  • Mahesh J C Hare Krishna! One of the ISKCON devotees who was initiated by Srila Prabhupada writes:- Can We Be Worse Now Than Before We Joined? Vengeance, envy, anger,and discord are often higher within religious groups than elsewhere (“We have enough religion to hate, but not enough to love”). We need to be careful about this in Iskcon. Recently I came across this quote. "Religious people often become self-righteous, judgmental, resentful, condemning, etc. as they see more faults in man than other's see. Psychologists have noted that piety can easily become an unhealthy form of neurosis rather than a healthy form of religion." As devotees, we are given standards to follow, standards which can backfire by becoming a criterion upon which we judge others. This will make us more judgmental, critical and sarcastic than before we joined Iskcon. Of course, if we are advancing properly we will become more introspective about our own need to improve. But the judgment of others often happens before the introspection kicks in. Many devotees also deal with a greater sense of failure/guilt because we have extremely high principles to live up to. This can breed jealousy and envy towards those who we perceive are doing better than us. It also can cause us to feel disgusted towards those we perceive are not trying to follow Krsna consciousness well. We are supposed to serve those who have realized the truth and help those who are struggling, but those who do better than we, can easily become causes for envy and those who do not do as well can become causes for our judgments, ridicule or condemnation. Added to the above is the fact that we are emotionally invested in Iskcon and when we see situations we feel are not in line with Prabhupada's desires, we can become spiteful towards the culprits, the devotees we believe are responsible for those sub-standards. This often results in critical or hurtful statements towards leaders, and/or divisiveness. It can also put a disciple in an awkward position when his guru makes such statements. It is not impossible to create a temple in which we do more judging, condemning, and dividing than encouraging, accepting and supporting. This is not only sad but a huge failure. Added to the list of potential religious pitfalls is fanaticism which then breeds intolerance. When this fanaticism reaches the level of "I only follow, serve, honor my guru," we have degraded ourselves to the level of neophytes in which discord is inevitable. We have been plagued by this to varying degrees, in the name of guru bhakti, since Prabhupada's departure. When philosophy is put in the hands of preachers who spend more time dwelling on other's defects than their own, or who are willing to step on other's toes to serve their guru and Krsna, then we create a movement in which there are far more distrust and separation than the love and trust Prabhupada implored us to imbibe in our dealings. Prabhupada's example was of acceptance, of building a house in which all could feel welcome, encouraged, and above all fully accepted with all our faults. Unless we follow this example, we run the risk of creating a movement which, along with spreading Krsna Consciousness, is spreading something toxic, and thus a movement in which good meaning people join and can soon become more critical, judgmental, resentful, guilt-ridden - or even depressed - than before because they are not finding acceptance and encouragement for who they are. Many have left Iskcon because of this. This is sad - and bad. Of course, to root out this kind of negativity we must start with ourselves. Accept, appreciate, and encourage others. If something is wrong, correct with a heart to help, not condemn. Inspire more than criticize. Many times Prabhupada said "Love and trust." I think we need a lot more of this. Hare Krishna!
    July 4, 2016

  • vanshika bhatia Hare Krsna new sign ups!!! Welcome to Krishna connect, hope you have a krishna conscious time here, please prefer joining vaisnava events and reading about the vaisnava acharyas and festivals! All glories to Srila Prabhupada and Sri Sri Radha Shyamsundar! Hare Krsna!
    December 27, 2017

  • Navya Natarajan wouldn't marriage tie you down or bind you, dnt we need someone spiritual to understand and support? 
    October 15, 2014

  • Roger Rodpush Roger Rodpush - February 27 at 3:27 AM March 1 at 12:18 AM· This Is a Wonderful Event for BharataVarsha. Hare Krishna But I Hope it was Srila Prabhupada's Original 1972 and Not The GBC Altered and Changed 1980's version ?? Bipin Bihari Das shared apostto the group:ISKCON Mayapur. February 27 at 3:27 AM
    Mar 5

  • Vishvesh Oswal NAIVEDYAM: WILL GOD EAT OUR OFFERINGS? Here is a very good explanation about Neivedyam to God. Will God come and eat our offerings?Many of us could not get proper explanation from our elders.An attempt is made here. A Guru-Shishya conversation: The sishya who doesn't believe in God, asked his Guru thus: "Does God accept our 'neivedhyam'(offerings)? If God eats away the 'prasadham' then from where can we distribute it to others? Does God really consume the 'prasadham', Guruji?" The Guru did not say anything. Instead, asked the student to prepare for classes. That day, the Guru was teaching his class about the 'upanishads'. He taught them the 'mantra': "poornamadham, poornamidham, ......poornasya poornaadaaya...." and explained that: 'every thing came out from "Poorna or Totality." (of ishavasya upanishad). Later, everyone was instructed to practice the mantra by-heart. So all the boys started praciting. After a while, the Guru came back and asked that very student who had raised his doubt about Neivedyam to recite the mantra without seeing the book, which he did. Now the Guru gave a smile and asked this particular shishya who didn't believe in God: 'Did you really memorize everything as it is in the book? The shishya said: "yes Guruji, I've recited whatever is written as in the book. The Guru asked: "If you have taken every word into your mind then how come the words are still there in the book? He then explained: "The words in your mind are in the SOOKSHMA STHITI (unseen form). The words in the book are there in the STOOLASTHITI (seen). God too is in the 'sooksma sthiti'. The offering made to Him is done in 'stoola sthiti'. Thus, God takes the food in 'sookshmam', in sookshma stithi. Hence the food doesn't become any less in quantity. While GOD takes it in the "sookshma sthiti", we take it as 'prasadam' in 'sthoola sthiti'. Hearing this the sishya felt guilty for his disbelief in God and surrendered himself to his GURU.
    October 22, 2016

  • Reena Menon Prabhupada said, “You don’t have to stop anything; just add Krishna to your life. Whatever you cook, offer it to Krishna, and then take prasada. And chant Krishna’s names.” [In 1971, Bhagavati and her husband, Vasudeva Prabhu, saw Western devotees in Sydney. Vasudeva thought, “Who changed these Western people? I want to meet that person.” He asked the devotees, “Who is your guru?” and heard, “Srila Prabhupada.” Then, on July 3, 1974, when Prabhupada was en route from Melbourne to Hawaii and had a three-hour stopover at Fiji’s Nadi airport, Bhagavati and Vasudeva met him.] Bhagavati: In the airport lounge we offered Prabhupada a garland and some prasada–sweet puris and tomato chutney. Prabhupada asked Vasudeva, “Is there a Radha-Krishna temple in Fiji?” Vasudeva said, “No, there’s no Radha-Krishna temple here.” So Prabhupada said, “You make a nice Radha Krishna temple.” And he told Vasudeva, “From now chant sixteen rounds.” Vasudeva has chanted sixteen rounds a day since that meeting. When Prabhupada was leaving, Vasudeva said, “Come to Fiji.” Prabhupada said, “Next year, when I go from Australia to Hawaii, I’ll stop in Fiji,” and he came in May 1975. We advertised a program with him to be held in Natabua Hall, Lautoka, and two or three thousand people attended. There was a kirtana, and then Prabhupada explained that Krishna is the Supreme Personality of Godhead and the importance of chanting Hare Krishna. My family had been worshiping Shiva and Durga along with Radha and Krishna, but after meeting Prabhupada we understood that as watering the root of a tree nourishes the whole tree, so worshiping Krishna includes worship of the demigods, so we stopped our demigod worship. Vasudeva and I had hosted many Indian sadhus, but only Prabhupada taught us how to engage in Krishna’s service daily by chanting and reading Bhagavatam and the Bhagavad-gita. Only Prabhupada said, “You don’t have to stop anything; just add Krishna to your life. Whatever you cook, offer it to Krishna, and then take prasada. And chant Krishna’s names.” In 1976 Prabhupada came again for the foundation-laying ceremony of the Krishna-Kaliya Temple. At that time Prabhupada said, “Fiji is a beautiful place, and now that the temple is here I’ll come again and again.” The day before the ceremony, Vasudeva said, “Prabhupada, I want to take initiation.” Prabhupada said, “Shave your head and get ready.” I told Prabhupada that I also wanted to be initiated, and Prabhupada agreed. So Vasudeva Prabhu, his older brother Bhuvan Mohan, and I were initiated on the same day as the ceremony to establish the temple. The next morning, Prabhupada gave me and Vasudeva second initiation and taught us how to chant Gayatri. My sister Nandarani and my mother were cooking for Prabhupada. He told them to cook whatever they liked, but daily make two things: stuffed karela and stuffed bhindi.” When I brought him a little pot of rice, he said, “Is it hot?” He opened it and steam came out. He then said, “Okay, close it.” He liked hot rice. Prabhupada was a great personality, but he was humble and simple. That attracted me. I wasn’t qualified, but by Prabhupada’s mercy he accepted me as his disciple. Just as Vasudeva and I were attracted to Prabhupada, so Prabhupada’s books and lectures attract people coming today. And everything he established–Deity worship, kirtana, tulasi-puja, temple service–is also attractive. Just seeing devotees engage in Krishna’s service is attractive. —Bhagavati . . Excerpt from “A Bond of Love, Srila Prabhupada and his daughters”
    Sat at 3:43 AM

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