• nānyaṁ guṇebhyaḥ kartāraṁ
    yadā draṣṭānupaśyati
    guṇebhyaś ca paraṁ vetti
    mad-bhāvaṁ so 'dhigacchati

    na—never; anyam—other than; guṇebhyaḥ—from the qualities; kartāram—the performer; yadā—when; draṣṭā anupaśyati—he who sees properly; guṇebhyaḥ ca—from the modes of nature; param—transcendental; vetti—know; mat-bhāvam—My spiritual nature; saḥ—he; adhigacchati—is promoted.

    When you see that there is nothing beyond these modes of nature in all activities and that the Supreme Lord is transce...  more

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