• Mother Sudevi recieves Padmashree Award from Indian Govt.
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    • Hrishikesh Nath
      Madhudvisa dasa A few years ago I made a film about Mother Sudevi's goshala at Radha Kunda
      - 2 like this - Jan 28
    • Hrishikesh Nath
    • Hrishikesh Nath
      Hrishikesh Nath Yes Prabhu. I came to know about Sudevi Mataji from that video. That is why I remembered when I saw the news.
      - Jan 29
    • Hrishikesh Nath
      Roger Rodpush I Hope and Pray that Mother Sudevi's goshala at Radha Kunda will continue? Hope that some one with the Means will Step Forward, and May Lord Krishna touch the Heart of that Great Sole. Hare Krishna
      - 1 likes this - Feb 24

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