• Jai Shree Krishna!

    Narayan Narayan!

    Is Lord Shree Krishna and Lord Vishnu both are different or one?

    Previously, i have had some doubt regarding entity of Lord Vishnu. As i believe and following Lord Shree Krishna.

    One of my friend cleared all my doubts. I am very thankful to him.

    According to him, Both Lord Shree Krishna and Lord Vishnu are one entity.

    Lord Shree Krishna is always having his presence in whole universe, before the start of the life on ea...  more
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    • KP P
      Sarnaduti Brahma Hare Krishna!

      Yes, Lord Krishna and Lord Vishnu are the same person. But Lord Krishna is the source of Lord Vishnu and all other incarnations. All incarnations and expansions of Lord Krishna are identical to Him, just like candles lit from an original candle are identical to each other.

      It is true that Lord Krishna has His presence everywhere in the universe, but He is also present outside the universe. Lord Krishna is originally, and always, present in the spiritual world, whose particles have comple...  more
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    • KP P
      KP P Jai Shree Krishna Sarnaduti Brahma Prabhu! Narayan Narayan! Thanking you for replying in simple and lucid way. Explained very well. Simply Superb. Narayan Narayan! Jai Shree Krishna!
      - Mar 15

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