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    This is a response to KP P’s post below at http://krishnaconnect.com/posts/12232/kp-p - it seems I cannot comment on that post directly:

    Ayurveda is a branch of the Vedas that deals with methods to increase the duration of life, just like other branches of the Vedas, which deal with different subject matters, e.g. military science, etc. Hence, it is true that it does not deal with spiritual or transcendental matters directly, as it concerns mostly with increasing our bodily dur...  more
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    • Sarnaduti Brahma
      Reena Menon Vedic culture and devotional service was totally lost due to Vivekananda and the impersonalists who followed him.. Actually these people have dangerous personalities... They are not monks or spiritual leaders.. they come from hellish planets in the garb of spiritual leaders as agents of demon Kali... in order to take advantage of the misfortune position of the living entities who are bereft of knowing their ultimate goal of life and are misguided by these Kali Chelas because people do not know what is bonaf...  more
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