• Hare Krishna!

    Once there was a Rock,
    filled with countless atoms, protons, neutrons, and subatomic particles of
    matter. These particles were racing around continually, in a pattern, each
    particle going from "here" to "there," and taking
    "time" to do so, yet going so fast that the Rock itself seemed to
    move not at all. It just was. There it lay, drinking in the sun, soaking up the
    rain, and moving not at all.

    "What is this,
    inside of me, that is moving?" the Rock asked.

    "It is You,"
    said a Voice from Afar...  more
    • Mahesh J C
      Sarnaduti Brahma Hare Krishna!

      This is not a realistic example, and hence, not satisfactory. This is because, in reality, a rock cannot speak, what to speak of asking or even answering questions. Can you demonstrate such a real-life example?

      If someone has the ability to speak or to answer a question, he or she must be a person. And a person can move, speak, talk, and do a lot of things. Hence, to compare God, the source of all the personality and movement, to a mere rock, which does NOT have and CANNOT give rise to any p...  more
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      Reena Menon replied - 1 Reply
    • Mahesh J C
      Mahesh J C

      Hare Krishna!

      This is a parable of a rock having a conversation with God.

      According to Vedic understanding, all the elements (Earth Water Fire Air and Ether) are personified. In ancient days, the Aryans and Rajarsis, elevated human beings and great sages, used to see everything as persons. They saw everything in a personal way. They thought of the creepers, the trees, mountains and everything else in the environment as persons. They understood that they were all persons who, according to karma, are wand...  more
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      Reena Menon replied - 1 Reply
    • Mahesh J C
      Sarnaduti Brahma Hare Krishna!

      Can you give the reference to this "parable" from the scriptures? Because one can tend to make up any story with his own philosophy and then call it a "parable" from God, to make an innocent person believe what he is saying is actually said by Krishna.

      Anyway, whatever it may be, the direct comparison, or rather, replacement, that is made here of Krishna with a rock cannot be denied, when it is said here:

      ""But," asked the Rock, "which, then, is the illusion? The oneness, the stillness, of...  more
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