• Hare Krishna!

    The mind has only 3 diseases.

    The mind wants to
    enjoy the objects of the senses 
    The mind wants to
    control and possess others and things of in this world 
    The mind wants to
    show it is better than others whether it is possessions or beauty or

    The first one displays a Tamasic nature in humans. 
    The second
    on displays the Rajasic nature while the last one displays the Satvic tendency
    in humans.
    The last one is the most dangerous of human tendency because
    the one...  more
    • Mahesh J C
      Reena Menon Mahesh Prabhu, because the person situated on the brahma bhuta platform realises that others are infected with the three gunas he tries to help them by preaching the transcendental knowledge... by enlightening them to forget and leave their own ideas about spirituality since they are contaminated and simply follow a liberated soul who has transcended the gunas.. It is common sense.. why would any serious spiritual aspirant give importance to the interpretation given by a person who is infected by these thre...  more
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    • Mahesh J C
      Sarnaduti Brahma Hare Krishna!

      Having knowledge of the scriptures is essential since that is what distinguishes a human being from an animal. An animal does not have knowledge of the scriptures nor of the regulated principles (dharmeṇa hīna paśubhiḥ samāna). The ultimate purpose of studying the scriptures is to understand Krishna (vedaiś ca sarvair aham eva vedyo) (Bg. 15.15), since by understanding Krishna one can immediately become liberated (Bg. 4.9) and become eligible for going back to Godhead. Unless one accepts ...  more
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