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  • Madhudvisa dasa These days some devotees are questioning the shape of the earth. It does appear in Srimad-Bhagavatam that the description of the earth given there does not seem to be that of a globe spinning in space. So I do not know. So to investigate this in more detail I have made a new website:
  • Hrishikesh Nath Hare Krishna! Srila Prabhupada has told many times that to come to Krishna Consciousness, we have to be either very fortunate or well aware of the science. And we know, most of us have been poisoned by the Mayavadi philosophy at some point of our life. And in my case I know definitely that I was not at all well aware of the science. So the conclusion is I am very very fortunate. But when something is given in wholesale we forget or neglet its importance. We are very very fortunate to come to Krishna Consciousness but so many of us have become fortunate that we don't give much attention to our good fortune. Srila Prabhupada distributed Krishna Consciousness in wholesale to everyone. The position which one in a million self realized soul attain was given by Prabhupada to thousands of his disciples. How can I properly describe the glories of Srila Prabhupada. He came among us just like sun rises and removes the darkness of the night. All our illusions to enjoy this material world were crushed under his lotus feet. And we recieved diamomd i.e. love of Godhead, when we were running after pieces of glass. And all this became possible when I came in contact with Krishna Consciousness in 2014 through the grace of most merciful Prabhu, Sriman Madhudvisa Dasa through his online forum Krishna.org. Whatever little attachment I had left for Krishna after so much Mayavadi Contamination, that little spark of attachment turned into fire by his causeless mercy. I will eternally be grateful to him. All glories to Srila Prabhupada!
  • Sashi Sadhaki Hare Krishna! AGTSP! I have a question. A few years ago there was a DVD set called "Memories of Aindra" honouring Aindra Prabhu. I am having a hard finding it anywhere on the internet. Does anyone here know anything about this? Any info will be helpful. Thank you in advance...


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