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  • Madhudvisa dasa Sorry, I deleted that person who was suggesting a new regulative principle by mistake...
  • Hrishikesh Nath Letter to: Brahmananda — Seattle 6 October, 1968 68-10-06 Unless our Brahmacaris are very adamant remaining as Brahmacari, I shall recommend everyone to marry. Because these girls generally come to our society to find out a suitable husband, so there is no harm to live as husband and wife.
  • Sashi Sadhaki Hare Krishna! AGTSP! I have a question. A few years ago there was a DVD set called "Memories of Aindra" honouring Aindra Prabhu. I am having a hard finding it anywhere on the internet. Does anyone here know anything about this? Any info will be helpful. Thank you in advance...


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