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Anger has got some utilization


Hawaii, March 21, 1969

So anger has got some utilization, not that I should not be angry. I should use my anger on some particular occasion. It is not that I cut off anger. That is... To become impotent is not good, but you have got full potency, but you can have sex life when it is required. To become impotent is not required. You should be fully potent but not misuse it. That is required. Similarly, there is no misuse by God or His devotee. Otherwise, there is no question of..., that the devotee or God should not be angry, but they know how to use it. That is the difference. As God knows where to use anger, similarly, devotee should also know where to use anger. "I am not angry. You can beat me with shoes. I am not angry." That is not devotional. You see? But, the thing is, a devotee is not angry on his personal account. Just like God also does not become angry on His personal account. Suppose Hiraṇyakaśipu wants to hurtKṛṣṇa. What he can do toKṛṣṇa? So where is the cause of anger? He was angry not that Hiraṇyakaśipu was a demon or nondevotee. He was angry because that demon was teasing the devotee. For His personal account, He cannot be angry. What anyone can harmKṛṣṇa? He is so powerful. Suppose a small ant comes and bites me. So is that the cause of my anger? No. What is that? That is nothing. Similarly, what Hiraṇyakaśipu can do so that the Lord should be angry? But then why then He was angry? He was angry for His devotee. Similarly, we also, if we are devotee, we shall be angry when God is insulted. When devotee is insulted, we should be very much angry. But if somebody insults me, I don't be angry. "All right, he insulted. I tolerate." But when you speak against God, when you say, "I am God," I shall beat you with shoes. I shall be so much angry. You see. That should be attitude of the devotee also. As God is angry for his devotee, similarly, our anger should be also utilized for God. Just try to understand. It is not that we shall not be angry. Yes, we shall be angry, but in suitable place, where God is insulted. When a rascal is claiming that he is God and deceiving others, you must be very much angry, "You rascal, what you are doing?" Somebody may say, "Oh, you are devotee? Why you have become so angry?" Now, why not? Here is the question of God and His devotee. Just likeCaitanyaMahāprabhutaught us that "You become tolerant than the tree and humble than the grass." But whenJagāi-Mādhāiinsulted LordNityānanda, oh, He immediately became so angry, "Oh, bring Mycakra.I shall kill these persons." Did He become a tolerant like the tree, "All right,Nityānandainsulted. Let Me become tolerant"? (laughs) No, no. Try to understand. You see? We should not be impotent.Arjuna, he was declining to fight, not that he was impotent, he could not fight. He was a great warrior. But he was refusing, "Oh, what for this personal interest is to kill them?" But when he saw that "Kṛṣṇa wants this," oh, he showed his potency.

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