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Videos » Gita Govinda : "Priye Charuseele" - Sanskrit Poem of Jayadeva (3 renderings)

Gita Govinda : "Priye Charuseele" - Sanskrit Poem of Jayadeva (3 renderings)

Posted by Priya Srinivasan
This Ashtapadi ("Priye Charusheele," Deshavaradi : theme- complete surrendering of the self) is considered as the most remarkable words of "Gita Govinda". Thanks and regards to the author and the original uploader of the mp3. Version 1: Language: Sanskrit, Raga: Vasanthi, Taal: Mishrachapu, Lyrics: Jayadeva, Music: OS Arun. Version 2: Language: Telugu, Raga: Mukhari, Tala - Kanda chapu, Music Reddy, Singers: P Susheela, K J Yeshudas Version 3: Language: Sanskrit, Raga: Mukhari In the Sopana Sangeetha tradition of Kerala with a special percussion instrument "Idaykka". Music: Njerelath HariGovindan. lyric translation/ [hat tip KrsnaMohita] Verse 1 "Oh Beloved! Virtuous One! Leave Your Pride aside The Flames Of Passion Burn My Heart; Give Me the Nectar of Your Mouth (beautiful face) Oh Beloved! Virtuous One! Verse 2 You Are My Adornment..And My Reason To Live My Jewel In The Ocean Of Life Yield To Me! Be Mine Forever! My Heart Yearns For Your Return Oh Beloved! Virtuous One! Verse 3 Place Your Feet, Soft As Tender Leaves, On My Head Let The Passion That Blazes In Me Like The Sun Burning in Fiery Form In Me with Tormening love Be Quelled By The Touch Of Your Feet Oh Beloved! Virtuous One! Images: Thanks. Disclaimer: This video is purely fan made and the copyrights for the movie, song, music, images etc used in this video belong to the artists, production companies, musicians or other people who were involved in making these works. This video was done for personal and informational use and no copyright infringement intended. Thanks.
Posted December 15, 2014
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