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Little Krishna HD -- The Terrible Storm (S1 E02)

Posted by Madhudvisa dasa
Now for the first time IN HD 1080p! Krishna, the Supreme Personality of Godhead appearing as a child in Vrindavan logically convinces his father, King Nanda and His fellow villagers of Vrindavan to appreciate the blessings of Govardhan hill rather than that of arrogant Indra, the heavenly demigod who controls the rains. What follows is a streak of insecurity and ruthless arrogance from Indra as he swears to show his wrath on Vrindavan. Vrindavan faces near extinction as Indra's army of clouds, rain and thunder relentlessly pours down on the village of Vrindavan. Krishna comes to rescue as the true savior and performs the amazing feat of lifting the entire Govardhan Hill on his little finger while saving the people who shelter underneath Govardhan Hill until Indra gives up his false pride and accepts defeat. BECOME KRISHNA CONSCIOUS AT HOME: READ KRISHNA BOOKS: THE PHILOSOPHY: KRISHNA TUBE WEBSITE: Animated Krishna Films. Films and videos describing the pastimes of Lord Krishna and His incarnations including Visnu, Lord Rama, and many others..
Posted June 27, 2020
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