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Videos » Cooking with Kurma S1-E01 Indian Entrees 1

Cooking with Kurma S1-E01 Indian Entrees 1

Posted by Madhudvisa dasa
In this edition Kurma shows us how to prepare many delicious Indian vegetarian dishes including: scrambled curd, simple glazed carrots, chick peas and potatoes in a creamy coconut yoghurt gravy and zucchini green pepper and tomato takery. We carefully combine fresh produce with herbs and spices, grains and dairy products for an enormous variety of tasty dishes that are not only satisfying to the palate but also conducive to good health and happiness. Broadcast on television from New York to London to Sydney, Cooking With Kurma brings the best of cruelty-free cooking into your kitchen. "Kurma... has a gentle style that is a happy contrast to the frantic and frenzied style of most television cooks. His subtle wit and enthusiasm, combined with his fabulous-looking dishes, can renew your culinary excitement and creativity." -- Vegetarian Times Kurma's cooking shows have been broadcast on 178 PBS stations across the U.S., BBC2 and The Learning Channel in the U.K., STAR satellite TV from Hong Kong to Turkey, Russia, The Middle East, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, China and most recently in Australia on SBS and Foxtel. "Meat-eaters and vegetarians alike will certainly find something to fit the bill in More Great Vegetarian Dishes of the World on SBS with Kurma Dasa." (Screen Watch, The Australian, May 2000) "Kurma's likeable personality makes it a totally fun experience." (Hinduism Today) "Cooking With Kurma .. is an excellent and welcomed addition to our cooking program line-up." (Jeff Clarke, Houston PBS) "We really enjoy Kurma's no-frills, no gimmicks television show. His enthusiasm for vegetarian food is infectious. ... Highly recommended." (Brisbane Courier Mail, December 2000) "While Kurma may be the high priest of vegetarian cuisine, you don't have to be a vegetarian to enjoy his cooking. It's fresh, original and delicious!" (The Canberra Chronicle, December 2000) "Our rating: simply delectable." (Canberra Times, March 1999) BECOME KRISHNA CONSCIOUS AT HOME: READ KRISHNA BOOKS: THE PHILOSOPHY: KRISHNA TUBE WEBSITE: Vegetarianism / Meat Eating. A vegetarian diet is the natural and healthy diet for human beings. We harm our bodies so much by eating meat which they are not designed to digest. The human digestion system is designed for digesting grains, fruits and vegetables. Carnivores like tigers, for example, have very different digestive systems to our human digestive system. We have a very long digestive tract with not weak acid in our stomachs to digest the food. Tigers, on the other hand, have very strong acid in their stomachs an.
Posted June 29, 2020
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