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Vishnujana Swami suicide " Prabhupad " was no clairvoyant !

Posted by Jay Modi
Vishnujana...was a very nice young man who committed suicide at the age of 28 in 1976. Swami Bhaktivedanta gave Vishnujana the order of sanyas ( the equivalent of becoming a monk and giving a promise to Swami Bhaktivedanta to be celibate for life )..Unfortunately Swami Bhaktivedanta never interviewed the candidates who where about to renounce sex for their entire life ..he just extracted the promise from mostly very unprepared young man ...who did not realize how difficult being celibate could be especially when you are in your 20ies .Swami Bhaktivedanta had been married and had 5 living children,s ...and he became sanyas when he was in in 50 ies .Is preaching that woman where an impediment to a man spiritual progress the main reason why so many young man,s made the promise of lifelong celibacy ... I was one of those young man ...who made such promise in 1971 and it nearly drove me crasy and at the time I was also border suicidal (because leaders of the Hare Krishna mouvement at sent me letters that it was better for me to die than to brake my promise to Swami Bhaktivedanta .....The Hare Krishna religion is still extracting such promises from young man ...and many more young man might be driven to madness and suicide...if this practice is not expose ...and STOP.. Now the Hare Krishna cult is promoting various videos and web sites of the "GLORIES " of Visnujana ...a man that was no saint but was mentally sick . In 1976 after his suicide Swami Bhaktivedanta and the leaders at the time tried very hard to keep this suicide secret....Its a scandal that the Hare Krishna cult are now trying to transform a tragedy of a young man taking his life ...into a glorious Hare Krishna story . its a shame ...a scandal ..and an encouragement for other mentally unstable Hare Krishna member to commit suicide.Vishnujana was probably BI POLAR ...but there was no remedy or diagnostic in the Hare Krishna cult ...but to chant and chant and chant ...24 ex students of the Hare Krishna schools have now committed suicides ....who cares ...who remember...A FEW OF US DO !
Posted October 3, 2020
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