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Brahmacharya Ashrama

  • Compilation of quotes on Brahmacharya

    By His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

    1. I am pleased by your wish to remain as brahmacari, and if you stick to your decision you will be able to go back to Godhead, back to Home, in this very life without waiting for another birth. Please try in every way to stick to this principle, and simply engage yourself in Krishna's service. That will protect you from any attack of maya. Maya can take Krishna's place in our heart as soon as there is a slackness on our part. Otherwise, if Krishna's seated always, maya has no opportunity to occupy the seat. Try to follow this method and you will surely be successful. 69-02-01.Upe Letter: Upendra

    2.I am very glad that you have decided to become a Grhastha member of our Society. That is the way of civilized and upright human life. After practicing brahmacarya and training under the guidance of a Spiritual Master the Vedic system is prescribing the asrama of Grhastha for those who are still desiring to enter into married family life. The so-called institution of free love marriage is ruining the human society and it is our duty therefore to reestablish the correct procedure of human life in the matter of encouraging our disciples who wish to marry to enter into a contract of spiritual wedlock. Such contract is made on the basis of compatible service of the Lord because such mutual cooperation in serving the advancement of Krsna Consciousness minimizes the illusion of material compatibility and incompatibility. We are seeing practically that our householder couples are setting an example for all persons that the perfection of happy family life is not based on sense-gratification, but on sincere service to the Lord. 70-11-20.Gau Letter: Gaura Hari

    3. If you and your wife want to have children for raising them in Krishna Consciousness, and if you are prepared to take the full responsibility for delivering them from the clutches of birth and death, then I have no objection. I have allowed my disciples to marry as a concession for having household life, because you American boys and girls are accustomed to mix freely with one another, so what can I do? But brahmacari life or celibacy is better, because if the semina is saved it fertilizes the brain for sharpening the memory, and if there is good memory, our Krishna Consciousness becomes perfect: hearing, chanting, remembering--that is the process.

    72-01-20.Sri Letter: Sri Govinda

    4. This brahmacari system is there, but if one is not so strong, then he is allowed to marry, but he must expect that the after-effects will always be troublesome. Everywhere I see people, man and wife with family, and all of them they suffer, but still they go on producing more. Sex means trouble. Therefore one should become dhira and don't be attracted by this sex-life. 72-02-28.Har Letter: Harsarani

    5. Your question is how much or how little brahmacaris should associate with the unmarried brahmacarinis in the temple. As brahmacari you should not mix at all with brahmacarinis. Actually they should not at all see the face, but that is not possible in your country. But so far as possible, remain separate and talk almost nil. Brahmacari is advised not to go near a young woman anywhere. A brahmacari should always address every woman as mother. In your country it is a little difficult, but the principle is to avoid. To talk secretly or privately is strictly prohibited. If you want to discuss philosophy and other matters you can discuss publicly in a meeting, but not privately. A brahmacari and unmarried woman in the same room together alone is strictly forbidden.

    72-09-30.San Letter: Sankarasana

    6. However as a brahmacari you are not obligated to marry, what is the advantage to your getting married? that should be considered. if one can remain brahmacari that is best. Finish this life and go back to Godhead, that is the basic idea of Krishna consciousness movement. So you decide. 75-12-31.Mah Letter: Mahavisnu

    7. Therefore; brahmacari gurukulae vasan danto guror hitam. The brahmacari lives at the place of the spiritual master and works for the benefit of the spiritual master by begging for his maintenance, by cleaning, learning the principles of Krsna consciousness, and engaging in the process of bhagavata dharma, whereby his life will have a firm, sane foundation with which he can overcome the forces of maya by strong training in the beginning. 76-01-20.Jay Letter: Jayatirtha

    8. Vrindaban is meant for retirement, elderly persons in Krishna Consciousness can devote all their time to devotional service. Such men are wanted to live in Vrindaban, not women and children. That is a fact, the holy dhamas are meant for the sannyasis and brahmacaris especially. If necessary, the management must be done by sannyasis and brahmacaris, not grhasthas. 76-06-09.Gop Letter: Gopala Krsna

    9. It appears that you are an unmarried brahmacari. So, if you continue this status of life for the matter of executing devotional service, that will be a great advantage. Many great personalities remain brahmacari throughout their whole lives and get freedom from material bondage very easily. Of course marriage is not prohibited in devotional service, but if one can remain brahmacari, in unmarried life, it is a great facility.

    76-12-08.Dr. Letter: Dr. Suresh Candra

    10. These pictures of Krishna and the Gopis are not understandable by a layman who has no idea of Krishna. Therefore, this picture was wrongly put without asking me. Please, therefore, consult me before putting any such picture or interpretations. One must understand first Krishna from the Bhagavatam by reading the first nine chapters. Otherwise Krishna would be taken as ordinary man and His pastimes will be wrongly understood. Besides that a Brahmacari should not see any kind of naked picture. That is violation of Brahmacari law.

    67-02-28.Ray Letter: Rayarama

    11. The whole world, beginning with the highest planet to the lowest in this material world is facing this problem. Combination of husband and wife is a necessary satisfaction of the sex urge. The foolish people see everyday this problematic situation, still thy are not intelligent enough to avoid it. Training of brahmacari life is especially meant for this purpose, and a student is advised not to indulge in sex life just to avoid these problems. It is very difficult to satisfy a woman by a person who has no good income, neither very good health. The woman as a class wants sufficient means to eat, and decorate and at the same time full satisfaction of sex. Any husband who cannot satisfy his wife by these three items, namely sufficient food, sufficient dress and ornament, and sufficient satisfaction of sex, must meet all these problems. And as soon as one becomes engaged in solving these problems it is very difficult to make any progress in Krishna Consciousness. If one is serious to make any success in the matter of Krishna Consciousness, one should avoid the association of woman as far as possible. Married life is a sort of license to the incapable man who cannot avoid sex life. On this statement, you can understand your real position. I do not agree with your wife's statement that New York is unfit for human habitation. A real Krishna Conscious person can adjust things nicely even in hell. A fully Krishna Conscious person is always in transcendental position and he is not afraid of any place which is so called, unfit for human habitation. A Krishna Conscious person is always satisfied whether in Vaikuntha or in hell. His satisfaction is not the particular place but his sincere service attitude towards Krishna. I have no objections if your wife and you go to San Francisco and live there peacefully as man and wife concentrating your attention for Krishna Consciousness. Hope you are well

    67-11-13.Gar Letter: Gargamuni

    12. Brahmacaris and Brahmacarinis can live in the temple provided there is separate arrangement. The restriction is there because if they live together there might be sex impulses agitated. The whole principle is especially for the Brahmacaris to avoid causes which may give impetus to the sex desire. But in your country it is very difficult to make aloof the boys and girls because they are accustomed to mix together. So it is not possible for me to introduce this new system very strictly, because they are trained differently. Someway or other, if you are intelligent boy, you should make arrangement for the boys and girls to live separately; Brahmacaris at one place all together, and the Brahmacarinis all together at another place. We should always remember that sex life in spiritual advancement is great impediment. So keeping this point of view in front, we should intelligently manage things with great care. So that our aim of life may not be missed. 68-06-16.Sat Letter: Satsvarupa

    13. This brahmacari life can be continued only by deep absorption in Krishna Consciousness. Don't be disturbed in your mind. I have sent a letter to Sivananda to stay there and conjointly work with you and Krishna das in progressing the success of the Hamburg center. 68-12-31.Unk Letter: Unknown

    14. I always recommend that one should try to remain brahmacari if possible, and if you think that this will be possible for you, you should try for it. 69-01-24.Upe Letter: Upendra

    15. If you do not think you can remain brahmacari, then it is better to remain in Krsna Consciousness as householder and not pretend to brahmacarya artificially. From your description the girl seems very qualified and sincere, so you continue to train her in our Krsna Conscious way of life and she will work together with you as your helpmeet in Krsna's service. 70-09-29.Jan Letter: Jananivasa

    16. So far as your occasional agitation from the maya, the answer is very simple that one must either strictly control his senses, or else he must get himself married. If one is strong enough in Krishna Consciousness, then there is no reason to become grhastha, but if one is still disturbed by sex-desire, then marriage is the only other possibility. But if one is still brahmacari, then he must be sure to follow all of the rules and regulations very strictly. There is no place in spiritual life for cheating in this matter. Caitanya Mahaprabhu has never criticized a householder for having sex life for the purpose of bearing children. But when it came to Junior Hari das, who was posing as sannyasa but was still engaging in lustful thoughts, Lord Caitanya would not tolerate, and Junior Haridasa was banished from the association of the Lord. So this is very important that we remain very firm in our vow of brahmacari, or if this is very difficult, then householder life is the next satisfactory solution.

    69-02-08.Hrs Letter: Hrsikesa

    17. Regarding your headaches, your bowels are not clear. This is the cause of the problem. So you should take more milk and fruits, and eat less wheats and rice. If sandalwood oil is available, you try to massage on your shaved head. Let me know how this trouble is improving. A brahmacari should not have any complaint of bodily disease. 69-02-17.Tos Letter: Tosana Krsna

    18. Brahmacarya means, strictly. Brahmacarya means that one should not look upon woman, "Oh, here is a very beautiful girl." That is also sex, subtle sex. And to talk, "Fsh, fsh, fsh, fsh," that is also subtle sex. So these things are to be avoided. There are eight kinds of subtle sex life. 750625SB.LA Lectures

    19. So we should be very... Brahmacari, there are so many restrictions. Even to see woman--"A beautiful woman is going, let me see"--that is also forbidden. That is also subtle sex enjoyment. Gross and subtle, there are so many subtle sex enjoyents--to think of woman, to see a beautiful woman going on the street, or to talk about woman, to read about woman. There are eight kinds of subtle sexual intercourse. So it is restricted.

    751205SB.VRN Lectures

    20. How it is? Now, just like if you are hungry and if you get food, then the more you eat, your appetite or hunger will be minimized, and at last you'll say, "No, no, I don't want any." Similarly, advancement in Krsna consciousness means, "No no, I don't want." Not only saying, "Don't want," but yad avadi mama cetah krsna-padaravinde nava nava dhaman udyata rantum asit tad avadhi bata nari-sangame. Here our feelings of happiness is sex life. Sometimes we think, "Oh, how I was enjoying sex life with my wife, with my husband." That is also pleasure. They read so many novels because there is sex life. They feel very happy: "How this man is talking with this woman, woman is talking, this woman, and how they are enjoying." So that is subtle, subtle enjoyment. There are eight kinds of subtle sex life. If you see one beautiful woman and if you appreciate, "Oh, how nice the face is," that is subtle sex. If you read books, that is also subtle sex. If you endeavor how to approach that woman or man to find out the opportunity, that is subtle sex. There are eight kinds of subtle sex life. So it is forbidden for a brahmacari even to think of woman. That is brahmacari. Even thinking of woman is subtle sex life. It is very, very difficult. But mam eva ye prapadyante mayam etam taranti te. If you catch the lotus feet of Krsna very tightly, these things will not disturb. That is said by Yamunacarya. Bhavati mukha-vikarah. If you become pure devotee of Krsna, then as soon as you think of sex, you'll spite. "Eh! Nonsense. What is this?" This is the result. That is the certificate, whether you have got that attitude--spite on it. Then you understand that you are increasing. Otherwise you are in the same hellish condition. You may show that you are becoming a devotee, very great devotee. So test yourself, how much you have advanced.So that is the sastric injunction everywhere. Trpyanti neha krpana bahu-duhkha-bhajah. Bahu-duhkha-bhajah. 751205SB.VRN Lectures

    21. That is generally done. Wife increases the responsibility. Stri-vistara. But still one has to maintain wife. A brahmacari has no responsibility. His only responsibility is to serve Krsna. But a grhastha has many responsibilities. "There is the children, I have to give them education, see that they're well situated." Prabhupada: Real business of human life is to take responsibility of spiritual advancement. So if one remain brahmacari, he has no disturbance in that responsibility. But if he becomes a grhastha, that disturbance is there. You cannot take wholeheartedly the spiritual responsibility. 760811mw.teh Conversations

    22. My open advice is that if any one can remain a Brahmacari, it is very nice, but there is no need of artificial Brahmacaris. In Bhagavad-gita it is stated that one who exhibits outwardly as self restrained, but inwardly he thinks of sense gratification he is condemned as mithyacara which means false pretender. We do not want any false pretenders in numbers, but we want a single sincere soul. There is no harm in accepting a wife and living without any disturbance of the mind and thus sincerely advancing in Krishna Consciousness.

    70-02-02.Lal Letter: Lalita Kumar

    23. Understanding is one thing, and practical application of that understanding is another. But as devotees of Krsna, being engaged in the practical work of spreading Krsna consciousness, that is already the highest realization. That's all right, that is our real mission, to deliver the world by preaching Krsna's message to others, but even higher realization, the highest realization, is to save oneself. 73-01-09.Ram Letter: Ramesvara

    24. If you chant always Hare Krishna, read my books, and preach this philosophy sincerely, then Krishna will provide you with all facility, and you will not fall down into material entanglement. 67-03-30.Dev Letter: Devotees

    25. So this kind of Bhagavata reading will not help you. Bhaktih paresanubhavo viraktir anyatra syat: "If you are actually advancing in devotional service, then the symptom will be that you'll have no more material hankerings." That is real. So if you actually hear about Krsna's pastimes with Radharani, then hrd-roga-kaman apahinoti, then our heart disease, lusty desires, will vanish. That is the result. I have repeatedly said. So if you become more lusty by seeing the pastimes of Krsna with Radharani or hearing, that means you are not fit. Stop it. Stop it. Don't be foolish. 750330CC.MAY Lectures

    26. Unless one is fully Krsna conscious, this lusty desire cannot be checked. It is not possible. 750511mw.per

    27. Eating should be minimized. Too much eating leads to too much sleeping, and then sex desire. So, management should be done very carefully to see that there is not easy-going, lazy attitude which will only end in fall down. 75-01-09.Rup Letter: Rupanuga

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